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Andrew Beaulieu, MD

Primary Care Doctor
Andrew Beaulieu, MD - InnovAge Primary Care Doctor

I love the PACE program because not only does it provide comprehensive care but it also addresses the issue of loneliness, allowing our  patients to come together, establish relationships,  and enjoy each other’s company.

Dr. Beaulieu earned his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School and his bachelor degree from the University of Notre Dame. He completed residencies in internal medicine and nephrology at Rhode Island Hospital. Dr. Beaulieu is board certified in internal medicine.

He worked in private practice as a nephrologist for 15 years so he brings special expertise to help PACE participants manage chronic kidney disease, electrolyte imbalance and refractory hypertension.

Dr. Beaulieu’s hobbies include running and reading. He is married and has a dog. Dr. Beaulieu lived in England for nearly 20 years and has also lived in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, South Carolina, and Wyoming.

Each InnovAge participant has a team of medical experts dedicated to providing personalized healthcare. Dr. Beaulieu is a member of our coordinated healthcare team for InnovAge Colorado PACE.