Exercise Benefits Older Adults

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PACE participant clinical exercise
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Exercise Benefits Older Adults

February 16, 2018
Remaining active as we age can improve strength and independence in our day-to-day lives.
As the former owner of a personal training business, InnovAge Clinical Exercise Physiologist Steve Jones knows the value of helping people tap into their personal motivation.
“Exercise increases participants’ strength, which improves their ability to perform daily activities and keeps them living independently,” says Jones.
Clinical exercise is one of several programs provided through the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) that helps participants improve their physical fitness and maintain their independence. While clinical exercise is not yet available at all PACE centers, all participants have access to physical, occupational, and recreational therapy if needed.
The following are true success stories from InnovAge PACE participants.
Tammy went from a wheelchair to a walker*
To address issues related to her diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Jones created a tailored exercise plan for Tammy to follow at our Denver PACE center. Since beginning the program, she has strengthened her abdomen, lower back, and hip muscles, and now uses a rolling walker instead of a wheelchair.
Her neurologist submitted a letter saying that InnovAge’s clinical exercise program has been the most effective treatment in delaying her Parkinson’s disease and its accompanying symptoms. Tammy’s next goal? To graduate from the walker to a cane.
Carol couldn’t bear weight, now she walks short distances without help
After falling and breaking bones in her leg, Carol diligently worked with Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant Magen Windel at our PACE center in Roanoke. She progressed to being able to bear all her weight, with the help of a rolling walker. Since that time, Carol has continued to improve her mobility. She can walk in her home and at the center on her own, without any assistive devices. With her cane, she can walk for long distances.
Helping PACE participants exercise their independence
The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly helps aging adults stay independent for as long as possible. Learn more about clinical exercise, physical therapy, and other services offered through InnovAge PACE.
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