PACE Care Team

InnovAge Colorado PACE - Denver

Helena Kane, MD

Primary Care Doctor
Helena Kane, MD - InnovAge Primary Care Doctor

I like to team up with my patient, making sure he or she and the family understand why we are doing what we are doing. Working at InnovAge enables me to take the time to communicate and review the treatment plan with patients.

Dr. Kane likes working at InnovAge PACE because she can see her patients and follow them as their care needs and living situations progress—not the norm in primary care practice these days. She brings extensive experience, including three years as Chief of Internal Medicine with the Kaiser Permanente East Clinic in Denver and nine years in nursing home outpatient and inpatient medicine. Dr. Kane earned her Doctor of Medicine (MD) at University of Colorado Medical School and completed her residency in Internal Medicine and board certification in 1988. She is certified in Basic Life Support by the National Advanced Cardiac Life Support Testing Center. She considers her greatest professional success to be working as part of an integrated primary care team, one of the hallmarks of InnovAge PACE. She is married with twin daughters and a dog, and works just three days a week so she can care for her elderly parents. She enjoys reading, drawing and skiing.

Each InnovAge participant has a team of medical experts dedicated to providing personalized healthcare. Dr. Kane is a member of our coordinated healthcare team for InnovAge Colorado PACE.