all-inclusive healthcare that helps you stay independent and in your own home.

Is PACE Right for Me?


You worked hard to earn your independence. PACE helps you keep it.

As we age, many of us face more health challenges and uncertainty. InnovAge PACE gives you peace of mind with all your medical care and procedures covered by one all-inclusive monthly payment.* Predictable healthcare costs help you protect your savings and plan your future. It’s affordable. It makes managing healthcare easier.

What is InnovAge PACE?

Living independently for Seniors

Most of us want to grow older in our own homes and communities. InnovAge PACE helps you do just that. It's an alternative to nursing facilities with all-inclusive care for older adults to help them stay independent. Services can include: 

A team of medical experts is dedicated to providing personalized care at a LIFE center near your home.

Support for Caregivers and Family

We understand the challenges and rewards of caregiving. Our unique all-inclusive care model helps you to spend more quality time with your loved one. The center-based care, social support, and transportation make life easier.

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*Annual PACE rates are based on the state Medicaid rate and the Part D premium. If you live in or move to supportive housing, there may be a payment to that facility.