Quality Measures

How We Meet the Requirements of State and Federal regulators to Participate in PACE

Every year, InnovAge develops a Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) plan that outlines how we will meet the requirements of state and federal regulators to participate in PACE.

The plan documents InnovAge's work to improve in the upcoming year, and each report highlights examples of key data from QAPI projects in each region we serve.

InnovAge monitors performance against measures such as use of services, satisfaction, assessment data, and the safety and effectiveness of all services delivered to participants. To do this, we identify initiatives, set goals, measure baseline performance, and monitor progress. These objectives are tracked on a bi-annual basis, and are shared throughout the year.

‘We’re a Strong Alternative to Nursing Homes’

InnovAge (Nasdaq: INNV), a Program of All-Inclusive Care for Elderly (PACE) provider, officially went public Thursday. Denver-based InnovAge offers one of the largest PACE programs in the U.S. The company has about 1,900 employees and serves 6,600 seniors in Colorado, New Mexico, California, Pennsylvania and Virginia.