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InnovAge is proud to provide the LIFE program to Philadelphia seniors. We surround them all-inclusive care so they can stay independent and in their homes for as long as possible.

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A look inside InnovAge LIFE - Pennypack

The heart and hub of InnovAge LIFE are our centers with services to meet the needs of seniors including health and wellness, rehabilitation, nutrition and socialization; all under one roof. With this addition, we now serve Philadelphia with five LIFE centers.

What is LIFE*?

What is LIFE*? LIFE’s individualized care plans help seniors live independently in Pennsylvania and across the nation. See what “life on your terms” looks like for LIFE participants. *LIFE (Living Independence For the Elderly)

Man holding prescription pill bottle while talking to doctor on his computer via an online meeting. Statistics of covid help include 6,000+ personal care kits distributed, 16,000+ telehealth visits, 2,000+ meals delivered weekly

Caring for Seniors During COVID-19

With health and safety as our top priority, InnovAge has been quick to react and adapt to changing scenarios during the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve been able to provide uninterrupted, individualized care to every participant.

Alternative to Nursing Facilities

>InnovAge PACE is a unique care option with exciting opportunities to age independently and with dignity. This alternative is now available to seniors living in Richmond.

360 Degrees of Care

So much care, all under one roof: a primary care clinic, physical and occupational therapy, dental services, nutritional counseling, personal care, and plenty of socializing, celebrating and healthy eating. Plus, transportation for every participant, and in-home care when needed.

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Meet a LIFE navigator, ask questions, and find out how we can help you meet the needs of seniors you support.

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