Colorado PACE Care Team - Denver

Kim Irving

Kim Irving, NP

Nurse Practitioner
Kim Irving- InnovAge Colorado PACE

I truly believe in the PACE model and I would have used this program for my mother who lived with me for 17 years, if I knew the program existed. I approach my patients with the goal of providing quality of life, as well as purpose in life.

Kim has been a nurse practitioner for over 40 years, working in various organizations. When she started working for InnovAge, she found her passion for working with older adults.

Kim came to the United States at 12 years old from Korea. She says she always wanted to be a nurse to take care of people. For her first job as a nurse practitioner, Kim worked at the University of Colorado Health Science Center emergency room for eight years, learning a range of skills and procedures. She then moved to Detroit and worked at Indian Health Services for several years as a sole practitioner in a family clinic.    

Kim has spent many years doing community service, including home visits, and attending “Pow Wow” events to provide health education. She also served veterans at the VAMC for more than 20 years, seeing up to 1,000 veterans at its primary care clinic.

Kim is married with two children. She loves hanging out with her three grandchildren and attending their various sports games. Kim enjoys playing bridge with several groups and golf.