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Foot Care Tips for Seniors

August 18, 2022InnovAge

Six tips to reduce the risk of foot problems and learn how to keep aging feet healthy and comfortable.

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Nine Signs it Might be Time to Stop Driving

August 17, 2022InnovAge

Understand the warning signs and when it might be time to hang up the keys.

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Five Reasons for Regular Eye Exams

August 16, 2022InnovAge

Eye exams can be the key to detecting and diagnosing eye diseases. See where older adults need to focus.

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Recreation is More Than Fun and Games in PACE

July 27, 2022InnovAge

Recreation therapy is one of the services offered through PACE. In addition to being fun, games and activities can help boost older adults' confidence, address health conditions, and minimize social isolation.

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Travel Tips for Older Adults

July 22, 2022InnovAge

Learn how to prepare for and have a fun and safe vacation.

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Alert: Job Seeker Scams

June 27, 2022InnovAge

InnovAge is aware of possible scams targeting job applicants. Read on for more information on how to verify communications from InnovAge. 

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Aging, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease

June 10, 2022InnovAge

Learn what normal cognitive decline looks like as we age, what dementia is, how to lower your risk, and when to see a doctor. 

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Preventing and Healing Wounds in Older Adults

June 1, 2022InnovAge

Aging skin and chronic diseases can make it harder for wounds to heal. Learn more about the importance of preventing and healing skin injuries.

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A Letter of Thanks

May 24, 2022InnovAge

The daughter of one of InnovAge's participants in its Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly shares her appreciation for the program and the employees who have supported her and her family. 

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Nursing at InnovAge: In Their Own Words

May 23, 2022InnovAge

InnovAge’s nurses bring a variety of cultures, communities, and experiences. What they have in common is their passion for PACE, caring for older adults, and being part of a collaborative, supportive team. 

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