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Staying Connected

January 23, 2023InnovAge

Staying connected with friends and family can help older adults better maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health.

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A Whole Body Approach to Eating Right

December 22, 2022InnovAge

An InnovAge dietician shares how the right diet and taking a whole-body approach to nutrition can have health benefits for seniors.

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Help with Managing Medications

October 10, 2022InnovAge

Better managing medications can save seniors and their families time and money and reduce the risk of drug interactions and potentially dangerous side effects.   

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Suicide Prevention in Older Adults

September 26, 2022InnovAge

Suicide can happen at any age but it's a growing concern in those over 55. Learn the risk factors and how to support older loved ones when they need it.

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Benefits of Being Positive

September 25, 2022InnovAge

An InnovAge participant shares her love of dressing colorfully and making people smile. 

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Making an Impact

September 25, 2022InnovAge

Participants enrolled in InnovAge's all-inclusive care program their families share the impact PACE has had on them - and how the program has helped them live life on their terms. 

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InnovAge Events

September 21, 2022InnovAge

Come tour an InnovAge PACE or LIFE center in person at one of our local community events. Check our list of events to find one near you!

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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Luz Ramos

September 13, 2022InnovAge

InnovAge’s Dr. Luz Ramos is carrying on a family legacy of caring for the community. Learn about her deep dedication to PACE and caring for older adults.

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Foot Care Tips for Seniors

August 18, 2022InnovAge

Six tips to reduce the risk of foot problems and learn how to keep aging feet healthy and comfortable.

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Nine Signs it Might be Time to Stop Driving

August 17, 2022InnovAge

Understand the warning signs and when it might be time to hang up the keys.

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