InnovAge PACE: New Mexico

InnovAge offers all-inclusive care to seniors in New Mexico. Our PACE center is located in Albuquerque.

Innovage PACE in New Mexico provides home care assistance to help keep seniors independent and at home for as long as possible. 

Senior care decisions are never easy, especially when dealing with complex health issues that require multiple services. InnovAge’s Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in New Mexico can help by providing healthcare and social services to seniors – without having them move into a nursing facility.  

At the core of all our InnovAge PACE Centers is the desire to provide specifically tailored elder care on an individual basis. We work with a team of medical experts to give participants the help they specifically need, rather than a blanket form of care which might not work for everyone.

These custom solutions are what make Innovage’s senior care services truly unique compared to many other elderly care programs in New Mexico.

New Mexico PACE Program FAQs

Where can I find a PACE program in New Mexico?

Innovage’s PACE Center in Albuquerque is centrally located in the city and helps thousands of elderly patients in New Mexico every year.

What is included in a PACE program?

Innovage’s PACE center in New Mexico includes primary care services, clinical exercise, emergency care, end-of-life care, and much more. Call your local office today to see how we can help you live more independently than ever.

Do I Qualify?

Find out if you or your loved one qualifies for all-inclusive care, and have an InnovAge representative contact you directly.


Decades of Caring for Puebloans, InnovAge’s Dr. Rona Knudsen Takes the Lead Serving Seniors in Need

After 20 years of caring for families at Pueblo Community Health Center, Dr. Rona Knudsen embraces her role as a Center Medical Director for InnovAge PACE, helping vulnerable older adults in the community.