How to Enroll

InnovAge PACE has an expert team of enrollment and Medicaid specialists to help.

There are three steps to enroll in PACE (please note that requirements vary by state):
Step 1. Intake and Eligibility 
Once we confirm you meet the basic requirements to join PACE (55 or older and live in one of our service areas), we will schedule a home visit to explain the program. During this visit, you will learn if you meet the medical and financial requirements to join PACE. (Read more about eligibility and costs.)
Most of our PACE participants have both Medicare and Medicaid. If you have questions about your current benefits, please call 844-704-9613 TTY:711 to speak with an InnovAge senior care expert.
Please note InnovAge offers PACE in multiple states, and each state has its own requirements to qualify.
Step 2. Assessment and Application
If it looks like you qualify for the program, our senior care experts will help gather your medical records from your current care provider. You will also have a comprehensive medical assessment by an InnovAge doctor, social worker, and other members of our care team. InnovAge will submit your PACE application to the state in which you live for final approval.
If the state determines you don’t qualify for PACE, you’ll be notified and will have an opportunity to appeal.
Step 3. Enrollment
If your PACE application is approved by the state, and your local PACE center is accepting new participants, you can enroll in InnovAge PACE on the first day of the next month.
Throughout the enrollment process, InnovAge works closely with you and your caregiver to finalize all paperwork. You also get to meet your medical team to personalize your PACE care plan. For more details, and to talk with an InnovAge senior care expert, call us today at 844-704-9613 TTY:711.

Page Updated: 9/14/18

Do I Qualify?

Find out if you or your loved one qualifies for all-inclusive care, and have an InnovAge representative contact you directly.


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