Center Director

InnovAge California PACE - San Bernardino

Steve Jones

Center Director

Working with seniors is both an honor and a privilege. The opportunity to have such a positive impact on our participants’ overall quality of life, while building relationships that facilitate learning from our population’s wealth of life knowledge, is a true blessing!

Steve Jones was named center director of the Inland Empire PACE center in 2019. He has been with InnovAge since 2014, first as a rehabilitation aide and then the clinical exercise services manager at the Denver PACE center. While at the Denver center, Steve launched the clinical exercise services (CES) program, which has since been expanded to other InnovAge centers. He has a degree in exercise physiology and is currently pursuing a master of business administration degree in healthcare administration from Colorado Christian University.

Each InnovAge participant has a team of medical experts dedicated to providing personalized healthcare. Steve is a member of our coordinated healthcare team for InnovAge California PACE.