COVID-19 Update

As of February 22, 2022

InnovAge's top priority is always the well-being of our participants and our staff.

Here, we will share updates and answer questions related to participants and their family caregivers. Content will be updated as needed.

PACE and LIFE Centers are Open
InnovAge‚Äôs primary objective is the safety and health of our participants and staff. All InnovAge centers are open and operational. We continue to monitor both internal and external metrics related to infection rates and positive cases in the community. Exposures in a center will be tracked, with an immediate review to assess the potential impact on participants and staff. Additional action, including adjusting operations, schedules, or closing the center, may follow.  

Providing Care
In addition to in-center care, InnovAge continues to provide care and support to participants at home and in the community, as well as through telehealth. The care participants receive is based on individualized needs and priorities. These include:

  • Telehealth services to connect with participants in their homes.
  • Nutrition, including food preparation and delivery
  • Medication administration and delivery
  • Showers and other personal care needs
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Supervision
  • Wellness visits
  • Specialty appointments

More Information
For more information, see our participant and caregiver FAQs.


  • PACE or LIFE participants and their caregivers: Please contact your local center director or clinic staff.
  • Media: Please contact InnovAge's communications department

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Panel Title

If you are:Cost (out-of-pocket):
Eligible for MedicaidNo cost*
Eligible for Medicare and MedicaidNo cost*
Eligible for Medicare onlyPay Medicaid portion, plus monthly premium for Medicare Part D (prescriptions)
Not eligible for Medicaid or MedicareSelf-pay rate

If you are:Cost (out-of-pocket): Eligible for Medicaid No cost* Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid No cost* Eligible for Medicare only Pay Medicaid portion, plus monthly premium for Medicare Part D (prescriptions) Not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare Self-pay rate

*If you live in or move to supportive housing (assisted living or nursing home), there is a co-pay to that facility. Also, some states require a share of cost fee if your income exceeds the Medicaid threshold.  Some participants choose to pay privately for PACE, though they still need to meet all eligibility requirements for their state.  To find out more about costs, call an InnovAge senior care expert at 844-704-9613 TTY:711.