Caring is Our Superpower

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Caring Is Our Superpower
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Caring is Our Superpower

Robin Doerr
June 12, 2020
What is more powerful than a virus? The people of InnovAge. It’s a proud declaration and the central message of our new television commercials. When the pandemic hit, we knew it was important to raise awareness about the unique approach to caring for frail seniors that’s at the heart of the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE. Especially now when not all traditional senior care programs are accepting new patients, we want seniors and their loved ones to know PACE may be an option – and that we are still actively enrolling despite the pandemic.
While many things in the world have changed, there’s one thing that has not: our unwavering commitment to caring for frail seniors. This was the inspiration in creating new television spots to highlight our staff’s strength, confidence, and assurance in the new commercial. The result is a celebration of everyone at InnovAge, our healthcare heroes.
With the exception of one short clip, all of the care providers featured in the commercials are InnovAge employees. They represent the compassion, capability, and determination of everyone across our company. They also beautifully represent the diversity of our team. No one was pre-selected. They are the colleagues who happened to be on-site at two of our Colorado centers – Thornton and Denver – on the days we filmed.
Filming a commercial in the midst of COVID-19 brings complications. Usually, commercials like these involve a crew of video, lighting, makeup, wardrobe, and sound professionals. To minimize unnecessary physical exposure, the entire commercial was filmed by one videographer. The team followed all InnovAge and state and local requirements. We also limited ourselves to two locations because of travel restrictions.
Thank you to everyone involved in making the commercial, especially our colleagues at the Thornton and Denver centers. At InnovAge, caring is our superpower, and our employees are our superheroes. Thank you to them for continuing to be strong and resilient for our participants, each other, and our company.

Watch the new TV spots here: PACE and LIFE
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