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Nine Signs it Might be Time to Stop Driving

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Two elderly hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle
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Nine Signs it Might be Time to Stop Driving

August 17, 2022
Many of us associate driving with independence, so it can be hard to decide when it’s time to give up the wheel. Age-related changes in vision, hearing, or cognitive abilities can make it more challenging to drive safely.

Talk with your doctor about any changes in your health that might impact driving. This can include joint stiffness that makes it hard to turn your neck or the wheel, or if you notice any problems hearing or seeing clearly.

Here are nine signs to be mindful of while driving:
  1. Close calls with other drivers
  2. Other drivers honk at you frequently
  3. Many accidents, even if they are minor fender-benders
  4. You notice you keep drifting into other lanes
  5. Confusing the gas and brake pedals
  6. Misjudging left-hand turns
  7. Increased irritability while driving
  8. Driving at the wrong speed
  9. Driving with the emergency brake on
If you notice these, it may be time to talk with your family and friends about staying safe while driving. Depending on the how often they happen, or how severe they are, it might be time to hand over your keys.
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