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Finding Inspiration throughout COVID-19

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InnovAge Employees Lined Up
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Finding Inspiration throughout COVID-19

Kelly Crabbe
May 18, 2021
Like so many other organizations, InnovAge shifted how we work and provide care when the pandemic began. I wanted to find a way to lift our employees – both spiritually and emotionally – and help address new needs or challenges they may have as a result of the changes we’ve experienced.

For the last year, I’ve sent a weekly encouragement email to employees. They’re sometimes fun, sometimes serious, but I hope always encouraging. Though I’m a chaplain, these emails are not religious – but they are always intended to touch the human spirit.

I and my fellow chaplains host virtual sessions for our healthcare heroes. Each week, we present on relevant topics that might include working with different personality types, managing stress and change, or practicing self-care. 

InnovAge chaplains are mostly focused on providing care and comfort to the seniors we serve, the participants in the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE. We saw a need to bring our skills to bear for the good of our workforce. Connecting with our team in these calls is just one way InnovAge is caring for staff during COVID-19. I have received so many positive messages, I know it is making a difference. More tangible support has been provided through time off and care packages sent to employee homes with PPE for their personal use.

While our centers are slowly (and safely) starting to reopen, the shift to remote working has been difficult for many. My hope is that the entire InnovAge team – new and tenured – can use these inspirational tools to lift spirits, maintain a healthy outlook throughout the pandemic, feel connected to each other, and maybe even form friendships.
I am so proud of the work that InnovAge does for seniors, and I am honored each day to work among them. If you are looking for a new opportunity to make a difference, I hope you consider joining InnovAge.