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Caregivers, Older Adults Comment on PACE

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Caregivers And Healthcare Workers
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Caregivers, Older Adults Comment on PACE

February 27, 2020
Each day, InnovAge clinical teams care for thousands of participants across the country. Each of the seniors enrolled in the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, has a unique, customized care plan. The older adults we serve, along with their family caregivers, are important partners in the care we provide. Below, some recent comments from caregivers and participants:
Praise from Caregivers
 “InnovAge has been a godsend. [My husband] is doing so, so much better. He is talking more and interacting and likes coming to the center.”
“Overall, InnovAge is a great facility for seniors in need and is staffed by wonderful, very caring people. So glad we found it!”
“InnovAge took the weight off my shoulders. It takes the stress off of me and makes me happy that she is well-cared for.”
“My mom feels really, really thankful and satisfied with their service!!!  Actually, she feels so touched by their employees, for their kindness and professionalism! Personally she also made a lot of old friends there. And my mom doesn't feel lonely anymore after my dad passed away in last September and she can laugh again (that's not easy for her), that's all because of InnovAge PACE! Thank you for offering all this to my mom and our family and making so much of a difference in people's lives!”
“InnovAge is a caring, compassionate company that really cares. They have a professional staff that meets the needs of the elderly.”
“Very innovative and a great solution for many seniors’ needs.”
Praise from Participants
“Loretta wants everyone to know that she is finally getting the care she has needed for many years. She is grateful for InnovAge, grateful she can finally get counseling, and grateful she can see a doctor.”
“InnovAge allows me to stay independent. It has changed my life.”
“I love InnovAge, I love the way they cater to the elderly here. I'm the youngest patient they have but they've been good to me here too.”
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Praise for PACE

InnovAge participants and their families share their thoughts about PACE.

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