Caring for Veterans

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Caring For Veterans With The Program Of All-inclusive Care For The Elderly (PACE)
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Caring for Veterans

May 07, 2020

Did you know that U.S. military veterans can enroll in PACE as part of their benefits from the U.S. Veterans Health Administration? While many veterans receive all the care they need through the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), older veterans with complex medical conditions may find more support and services in a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. 

 A federal change in 2018 (the Mission Act of 2018) opened the door for veterans to seek care outside the traditional Veterans Health Administration (VHA). 

“The Mission Act is aimed at providing more care for Veterans through expanding their ability to get care in the community,” explains Steve Medina, vice president of sales strategy for InnovAge. “PACE can be a great solution for those veterans who are older, need a higher level of coordinated care and don’t want to be in a VA nursing facility. PACE is a great option to help them take full advantage of their VA benefits.” 

This new option comes at a time when the number of aging veterans requiring high-touch care continues to increase. One federal agency predicts a 16% increase from 2017 to 2022 in the daily number of veterans requiring nursing home care.

“With veterans, we understandably see a lot of behavioral health and substance abuse issues,” says Dr. Ann Wells, chief medical officer for population health. “With our team-based care approach and focus on providing a personalized experience, InnovAge works with each veteran to make sure their individual healthcare needs are addressed. And as they age, PACE adjusts along with them helping them on their aging journey.”

Recently, a Vietnam veteran enrolled in PACE shared, “I’d tell any veteran who is struggling with healthcare and finding it hard to stay in their home that InnovAge can help.” 

“Seniors, especially veterans, have a lot to teach us, given the length and experience of their lives. Our veterans have served our country. Now, PACE can help them remain a vibrant part of our communities,” says Steve. 

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