A Bride’s PACE Story

A Bride’s PACE Story

Below are excerpts from a letter submitted by an InnovAge participant. She recently married another participant, and hosted their wedding at InnovAge’s Thornton PACE center in Colorado.
I was introduced to InnovAge in April 2008. I had just moved my mother here to Colorado from Florida. Her husband had just passed away and we both wanted to be close to one another. I had seen an [InnovAge] bus when I was driving. A couple of days after I called, a case worker visited my mother and had an interview. She was nice, patient, helpful, reassuring, and informative about the PACE program.

Over the years, Mom has required help and guidance with various health issues and the InnovAge staff was instrumental in helping Mom learn how to work with them as a team, to address her concerns for her health, and treated her as a whole person. They have been a blessing throughout the years. As a family member, I was and am kept informed regarding Mom’s care.

In November 2018, I enrolled in PACE. I attend the Thornton PACE center. The medical treatment is stellar! My physician is dedicated to my care as well as her other patients. The clinic staff are always cheerful when I come in or need to visit. The staff really cares about their participants.

I needed physical therapy when I first started. My PT team was and is awesome! They are so gentle and reassuring. The activities directors and staff make sure we have various activities to explore and enjoy. The front desk staff is always friendly and says good morning as we come in. Like drivers, they all are so AWESOME!!! …My case worker is great! …The CNAs, cooks who provide delicious meals for us and serve us are wonderful! They really work so hard every day.

When I first joined InnovAge, I was depressed and feeling really alone and useless. Two years ago I fell and shattered my right leg; I required five surgeries. I had to let go of my job at the time and the change was very much a challenge! I was isolated and stayed in bed day in and day out.

When I started attending InnovAge, I found the game room. One day, I was sitting at one of the computers playing Mahjong. This gentleman turned his head and asked who I was. He was playing Wii bowling. I told him my name and he invited me to join him and others who were sitting there. So I did. I found him very charming, funny, and somewhat a flirt. We started talking with each other and our friendship turned into a romance which turned into a marriage! 

I have made so many great friends since starting at InnovAge. They are all different and have charm, are friendly, supportive, and love to help me have fun!

The staff got so excited when we told them we were getting married. They jumped into “wedding mode!” They worked so hard and were meticulous with every detail. We were overwhelmed by the joy and kindness, encouragement, and support our staff showed us. The care and attention they gave the whole day – well, I just do not have enough words to justify their help and support. They accommodated our family and friends [who joined us]. They were very impressed to see firsthand how much the whole staff was interacting and the care we were getting. The Thornton InnovAge staff are stellar!

It doesn’t have to be a wedding to see their efforts; they’re caring, supportive, and detailed with our daily lives. Thank you for all that you do each and every day!

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