A Letter of Thanks

A Letter of Thanks

Below is a letter sent to InnovAge from the daughter of one of our participants. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of staff and participants. 

Good Afternoon,

This letter is long overdue to share our family’s experience with InnovAge.

Through COVID, my mom experienced some physical decline, and it seemed the stars aligned when I met Susan, and she explained what she did for a living. She described InnovAge and services provided for seniors, and how these services helped keep our senior population in their homes longer. She had such enthusiasm and passion, I had to check into InnovAge.

After my mom and I researched, we determined InnovAge was the option we were seeking; we made the call to InnovAge, and the process was far more quick and easy than I ever anticipated. We joined the InnovAge PACE family in spring 2021. This has been an amazing experience thus far.

The team supporting my mom is top notch; we were assigned a primary care physician and we had her first physical within a couple of weeks of joining InnovAge. The physician’s attention to my mom, and listening to our questions, gave us the confidence we needed to know we made the right decision.

We were quickly set up with a care team to assist my mom at home. InnovAge took over sorting her pills (something I did weekly), and began dispensing her medications both morning and evenings. They help her put on compression socks, get her dressed and ready for the day, and then ready for bed at night. They took a lot of stress out of our day-to-day life; I no longer needed to fulfill these roles for my mom. I want to mention Jane, who was part of my mom’s home health care team; this woman was amazing with my mom. You can definitely tell she values her participants and goes above and beyond for them.

I was amazed how quickly the InnovAge team came into my mom’s home to assess the safety needs and added a couple of grab bars, a bed cane, and many other items I would have never thought of to help my mom.

While I cannot imagine how many participants the center provides services to, most times it felt as if my mom was the only participant they have; the communication of all the team members has been extraordinary, they are quick to return calls, any concern is responded to, with satisfaction. I cannot begin to express my gratefulness for this service.

Having the pleasure to visit the center, I was pleased how calm the facility operated; the cleanliness was impressive with so many people in and out of the facility.

Through the process, we found my mom needs additional care, and her amazing InnovAge team was extremely helpful to guide us through the process of finding my mom an assisted living home.

This is nothing I ever expected senior managed healthcare would be; any need has always been fulfilled, from hand sanitizers, masks, slip mats, etc. I would fully recommend InnovAge to care for any senior loved one from my family.

Warm Regards,
A loving daughter
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Family caregivers and participants share praise for InnovAge's Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE.

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