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Seasonal changes side-by-side vertical

Embracing Change With Older Adults

January 15, 2019Kelly Crabbe

As we and our loved ones grow older, there are many changes that life presents to us. Transitioning through change...

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Three Older Women Grouped Together, Smiling, And Laughing

Heart Health Signs and Symptoms

March 9, 2022InnovAge

Each year in the U.S., heart disease kills more older adults and women than any other disease. Heart disease is the <...

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Older Woman Checking Her Glucose Levels

Manage Diabetes with These Tips

November 15, 2021InnovAge

According to the Am...

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Graph And Ink Pen

Healthcare Coding: a Little-Known Story

May 2, 2019InnovAge

Healthcare coding is much more than letters and numbers on a screen. At InnovAge, it is part of a larger narrative th...

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senior at InnovAge reads the newspaper

Resources for Education and Self-Management

May 20, 2019InnovAge

It is important to InnovAge that participants in the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) have access...

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Dental chair at InnovAge center

The Link between Oral Health and Overall Health

July 1, 2019InnovAge

Maintaining good oral health is an important part of overall health and well-being. That’s why InnovAge has a t...

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Woman And Man Social Workers Sitting And Reviewing Charts

Meet an InnovAge Social Worker

April 12, 2021InnovAge

Updated for 2021
Social workers play a critical role in the care provi...

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pic of Thornton bride

A Bride’s PACE Story

August 29, 2019InnovAge

Below are excerpts from a letter submitted by an InnovAge participant. She recently married another particip...

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participants playing bingo

Diverse Activities for Diverse Seniors

September 6, 2019InnovAge

The seniors served by InnovAge PACE are as diverse as the communities they live in. They come from different backgrou...

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InnovAge PACE Booth

Raising Awareness of PACE

September 16, 2019InnovAge

Earlier this month, InnovAge participated in the annual conference for Continue Reading

innovage staff image

Praise for PACE

September 19, 2019InnovAge

InnovAge’s ability to help seniors live life on their terms through the Program of All-inclusive Care for th...

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Participant Looking At Cell Phone

Beyond Technology: Innovation and Value in Healthcare

October 18, 2019Maureen Hewitt

Last year, InnovAge launched an effo...

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news release preview image

New InnovAge Campaign Spotlights Active Seniors

November 14, 2019InnovAge

New Characters Tell Real Partic...

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senior caregiving aging

Insights from Seniors and Caregivers: Care vs. Caring

November 26, 2019InnovAge

The desire to age in place - in your ow...

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hero image veteran character

Meet Jim, Tina, and Arthur

November 27, 2019InnovAge


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Construction Hat On Desk Beside Pencils

Employee Profile: Keeping PACE with Real Estate

December 16, 2019InnovAge

With the growing need for healthcare se...

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Back Of Older Male Adult Walking In Snowcovered Woods

Stay Active this Winter: Exercise Tips for Seniors

January 21, 2021InnovAge

Updated for 2021

Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can make getting outside a...

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Hearing Test Photo

Hearing Loss May Point to Other Health Issues

February 12, 2020InnovAge

Hearing loss is a common issue for many older adults, but early detection and treatment can address whether it affect...

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PACE participant

Wisdom from PACE Participants

February 18, 2020InnovAge

In the last few weeks, InnovAge has collected pearls of wisdom from some of the more than 6,000 older adults enrolled...

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Hands Being Held

When Forgetfulness is More than Normal Aging

February 26, 2020InnovAge

Is memory loss a common outcome of aging? What about those moments of forgetfulness that seem to happen more frequent...

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Caregivers And Healthcare Workers

Caregivers, Older Adults Comment on PACE

February 27, 2020InnovAge

Each day, InnovAge clinical teams care for thousands of participants across the country. Each of the seniors enrolled...

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PACE Physician Smiling

Role of PACE Physicians

October 4, 2021InnovAge

Primary care physicians at each InnovAge center play an important role in developing care plans and supporting senior...

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Older Female Adult Sitting At Table Smiling

PACE During a Pandemic

April 2, 2020Maureen Hewitt

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our focus and mission at InnovAge remain the same: providing care and support to ...

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Advance Directive Seniors

Planning for the Future: Advance Directives

April 14, 2020InnovAge

This week marks National Healthcare Decisions Day, a day dedicated to encouraging people to take action and create ad...

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Front Line Healthcare Employees

Supporting the Front Line

April 22, 2020InnovAge

Not all of us are in the position of providing direct care. How can we support these healthcare heroes? Here are some...

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Spousal Caregiving and the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

Caregiving for your Spouse

April 30, 2020InnovAge

While family caregiving is often adult children caring for their aging parents, one in five family caregivers is cari...

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Staying Connected

May 15, 2020Maureen Hewitt

I consider it a great privilege to provide care for the 6,400 seniors in in InnovAge's Program of All-inclusive C...

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Three Older Women Grouped Together, Smiling, And Laughing

Managing Stress to Improve Your Health

May 10, 2022InnovAge

It’s well known that too much stress can be bad for your health.
For older adults, chan...

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Older Americans Drinking Water

Staying Hydrated as the Temperature Rises

June 23, 2020InnovAge

Dehydration can lead to serious health complications for seniors, especially during the summer. As the temperatures g...

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Helping Men Stay Healthy

Helping Men Stay Healthy

June 29, 2020InnovAge

How healthy are the men in your life? Research shows what many take for granted: women visit their doctors more frequ...

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Caregivers Find Support in PACE

Caregivers Find Support in PACE

July 14, 2020InnovAge

InnovAge’s Continue Reading

New Program for Seniors Opens in Sacramento, Calif.

July 7, 2020InnovAge

InnovAge’s PACE center is a partnership with Advent...

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Great Place To Work Logo | June 2021 Through 2022

InnovAge Recertified as a Great Place to Work

July 22, 2021Maureen Hewitt

Providing a positive and fulfilling work culture for our team is one of my top priorities. It’s a consistent...

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InnovAge employee and caregiver discussing a case

Understanding and Respecting Our Differences

March 8, 2019Maureen Hewitt

Celebrating diversity is embedded in InnovAge’s Continue Reading

Older Couple Recovery After Stroke

When a Stroke Strikes, Follow These Steps

March 27, 2019InnovAge

The key to preventing death or disability after a stroke is to seek help as soon as possible. For seniors and caregiv...

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Hat And Sunglasses Sitting In The Sun

Sun Safety for Seniors

July 28, 2020InnovAge

Summer months usually mean more time spent outdoors. For older adults, exposure to sunlight – and the Vitamin D...

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Adventist, Eskaton team with new entrant in Sacramento to launch PACE elder care program

July 9, 2020The Sacramento Bee

Adventist Health and Eskaton are teaming up with a Denver-based senior care provider to open a new adult day cen...

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Senior Hands Rest On Cane

Americans with Disabilities Act Turns 31

July 30, 2021InnovAge

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It’s the landm...

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InnovAge Employee Holding Yoga Mat

Working for Wellness

August 27, 2020InnovAge

InnovAge recently introduced a new life...

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Healthcare Professional Administering Vaccine

The Other Vaccine: Pneumonia

September 10, 2020InnovAge


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Seniors Looking At A Laptop Screen

Staying Socially Connected

September 17, 2020InnovAge

Social engagement is an important part of the Program of All-inclusive C...

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InnovAge Employees In Masks

Accolades from Team InnovAge

September 30, 2020InnovAge

As a certified Continue Reading

Older Adult Couple Side By Side

Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

October 7, 2020InnovAge

While most people will experience some changes in their memory and thinking as they age, the severe memory loss that ...

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Healthcare Professional And Senior Hands

Providing Comfort, Care, and More

October 26, 2020InnovAge

Medical treatments can involve a range of approaches. One is to treat patients to cure their disease or illness. Anot...

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Older Woman Sitting Up In Bed Smiling

Adjusting to the Clock

November 4, 2021InnovAge

Updated for 2021
As daylight saving time approaches, it’s import...

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Older Adult Receiving Lymphedema Care On Hand And Arm

Treating Lymphedema

November 3, 2020InnovAge

Lymphedema is a condition that typically results from blockage throughout the lymphatic system and is common in older...

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In The News

New Health Center for Seniors Opens in NE Philadelphia

November 5, 2020InnovAge

This week, InnovAge has opened its fifth center to serve seniors in Philade...

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InnovAge Expands its Philadelphia Footprint with Fifth Senior Care Center

November 6, 2020Philadelphia Business Journal

The Pennsylvania LIFE-Pennypack center at 4401 Megargee St. in Northeast Philadelphia is sharing property with a p...

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Veteran Smiling

Serving Aging Veterans

November 11, 2021InnovAge

Today, there are more than 11 million U.S. veterans who are Continue Reading

Provider Giving Senior A Medical Examination

Costs of Care

November 17, 2020InnovAge

Recent studies reflect ongoing concerns from family caregivers and older adults about future costs of healthcare and ...

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In The News

The Impact of COVID-19 on Dual Eligible Individuals Using Home-and Community-Based Services

December 2, 2020Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.

One integrated care model, the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), primarily uses an adult day heal...

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Older Male Adult Smiling Into Bathroom Mirror

Maintaining a Healthy Bladder

December 1, 2020InnovAge

While it’s not commonly talked about, changes to the bladder can start in adults as early as age 50. Read on to...

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Healthcare Worker Administering Flu Shot To Older Adult

Vaccinations for Older Adults

April 20, 2022InnovAge

Vaccines can prevent more than Continue Reading

Older Adults Gift Giving

Caregiver and Care Recipient Gift Giving Guide

December 17, 2020InnovAge

Gift giving ideas for both caregivers and older adults can be challenging throughout the holidays – especially ...

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InnovAge Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering

February 24, 2021InnovAge

DENVER, Feb. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InnovAge Holding Corp. (InnovAge) today announced the launch of its init...

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InnovAge Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

March 3, 2021InnovAge

DENVER, CO, March 3, 2021 — InnovAge Holding Corp. (InnovAge) today announced the pricing of its initial public...

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InnovAge Announces Exercise of Underwriters’ Option to Purchase Additional Shares

March 12, 2021InnovAge

InnovAge Holding Corp. (InnovAge) today announced that on March 9, 2021, the underwriters of the previously announced...

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InnovAge Employee And Participants Smiling

Kindness Counts

April 6, 2021Kelly Crabbe

Given the speed bumps we’ve all encountered since early last year, now is a great time to celebrate kindness an...

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News Release Graphic

InnovAge Appoints Alice Raia Chief Information Officer

April 14, 2021InnovAge

DENVER, April 14, 2021 — InnovAge Holding Corp. (the “Company” or “InnovAge&...

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Older Adult Taking A Deep Breath With Right Hand On Chest

10 Tips to Reset Your Mood

April 15, 2021Kelly Crabbe

Some days, life can be overwhelming. Whether you are caring for an aging loved one or pulling double-duty as a work-f...

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InnovAge Employees Lined Up

Finding Inspiration throughout COVID-19

May 18, 2021Kelly Crabbe

Like so many other organizations, InnovAge shifted how we work and provide care when the pandemic began. I wanted to ...

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News Release Graphic

InnovAge Opens New Care Center for Seniors in Roanoke Valley

June 30, 2021InnovAge

DENVER, June 30, 2021 — InnovAge Holding Corp. (the “Company” or “InnovAge&r...

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Serving LGBTQ+ Seniors through PACE

July 7, 2021InnovAge

Today, there are an estimated 3 million LGBTQ+ adults over the age 50 throughout the United States. That number is ex...

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InnovAge Participant And Caregiver Smiling

PACE Provides Relief to Caregivers

July 21, 2021InnovAge

Anyone who’s been a caregiver to a friend or family member knows the impacts to their own life are not just phy...

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InnovAge Healthcare Heroes Standing And Smiling

Helping Every Senior Triumph in Mind, Body, and Spirit

July 15, 2021Robin Doerr

Building on our successful “Caring is Our Superpower&...

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Blue Graphic That Reads

InnovAge Makes Equity Investment in Jetdoc

August 4, 2021InnovAge

DENVER, August 4, 2021 — InnovAge Holding Corp. (“InnovAge”) (Nasdaq: INNV) today ...

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Three Members Of InnovAge Clinical Staff Standing And Smiling

Tracking Quality Care

August 20, 2021InnovAge

Tracking and reporting quality metrics is central to the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE. It h...

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Young Woman Embracing Older Woman In A Hug

Working through Grief and Loss

August 30, 2021InnovAge

What can we do when we, or someone we care about, is going through grief? After years working with people experiencin...

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Blue Graphic With White Lettering That Reads

InnovAge to Announce Fiscal Fourth Quarter 2021 Financial Results

August 31, 2021InnovAge

InnovAge to Announce Fiscal Fourth Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Host Conference Call Tuesday, September...

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Family Caregiver Hugging Her Care Recipient; They Are Both Smiling

National Family Caregivers Month: Helping the Helpers

November 1, 2021InnovAge

In the U.S. today, nearly one in five people provides unpaid care to an adult with health or functional needs. This i...

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Teal Graphic That Reads

InnovAge to Bring PACE to Seniors in Terre Haute, IN, Area

November 11, 2021InnovAge

State PACE expansion to make customized care available to 79% of eligible senior...

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Teal Graphic That Reads

InnovAge Appoints Patrick Blair as President

November 12, 2021InnovAge

DENVER, Nov. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InnovAge Holding Corp. (the “Company” or &ldquo...

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Family Of Three Women Sitting On The Couch Smiling

Checking in During the Holidays

December 17, 2021InnovAge

The holidays are an ideal time to check in with older loved ones to be sure they are safe and well. If you are fortun...

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Family Caregiver And Care Recipient Hugging And Smiling

A Guide for Family Caregivers

February 3, 2022InnovAge

Caring for an aging family member can be both rewarding and challenging. Often, family caregivers come into the role ...

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Older Man In Mask Getting Arm Swabbed

Donating Blood: How Older Adults Can Help Save Lives

February 8, 2022InnovAge

Blood donors are needed year-round, but January is one of the most important months to donate. Until recently, many o...

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Two Older Adult Hands - One On Top Of Another - With Wedding Rings

How to Have a Happy, Long-Lasting Relationship at Any Age

February 15, 2022InnovAge

“Oh, you are so handsome,” says Kathy. She and her husband Melvin are looking at pictures in their w...

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Two InnovAge Employees Wearing Masks And Holding Holding Signs; One Sign Says 'Dirty', One Sign Says 'Clean'

PACE Fills the Gap: Dental Coverage

March 1, 2022InnovAge

Older adults enrolled with InnovAge have access to necessary dental care as part of their Continue Reading

InnovAge Virginia PACE - Roanoke Valley Exterior Entrance With An InnovAge Van Parked In Front

Addressing Non-Medical Impacts on Health

March 17, 2022InnovAge

This post was authored by InnovAge Chief Medical Officer Continue Reading

InnovAge Area Medical Director Dr. James Libbon Tips His Hat In A Purple Theater Costume

Provider Spotlight: Dr. James Libbon

March 31, 2022InnovAge

“At our wedding I actually sang for my wife while we did a choreographed dance that I made,” laughs Dr. J...

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InnovAge Provider Talking To Participant

PACE Fills the Gap: Hearing and Speech

April 6, 2022InnovAge

“I always try to keep people engaged and informed at every step, so they feel they can make educated decisions ...

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Dentist, Participant, And Dental Assistant Conversing In Dental Clinic

Optimal Oral Care for Older Adults

April 13, 2022InnovAge

As we age, proper oral care is a key part of maintaining overall health and well-being. If ignored, it can lead to ot...

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Dr. Ferrance DJing At A Wedding

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Randy Ferrance

April 29, 2022InnovAge

“One of my favorite patients of all time was a lady who called herself ‘Miss Kitty,’” begins ...

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Older Adult Receiving An Eye Exam

PACE Fills Gap: Vision Coverage

May 19, 2022InnovAge

“Having regular eye care can make a huge difference in your physical health, mental health, and overall qual...

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InnovAge nurse at a PACE center

Nursing at InnovAge: In Their Own Words

May 23, 2022InnovAge

Nurses at InnovAge are integral members of the c...

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An adult daughter with her mother.

A Letter of Thanks

May 24, 2022InnovAge

Below is a letter sent to InnovAge from the daughter of one of our participants. Names have been changed to prote...

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Two older hands clasped together, one is wrapped in a bandage

Preventing and Healing Wounds in Older Adults

June 1, 2022InnovAge

Many times, healing a wound means saving a life. For older adults, wounds can take longer to heal and may lead to mor...

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Teal Graphic That Reads

Resignation of CEO Maureen Hewitt, Patrick Blair Appointed President and CEO

January 3, 2022InnovAge

InnovAge Announces the Resignation of CEO Maureen Hewitt and the Appointment of Patric...

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InnovAge Employee Holding Participant's Arm

Avoiding Falls at Home

January 6, 2022InnovAge

It can happen in a flash – a trip on a rug or a slip on a wet floor. For older adults, a fall can lead to se...

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Older Man With Hands Folded Around Mouth

Suicide Prevention in Older Adults

January 19, 2022InnovAge

Suicide can affect people of all ages. Did you know that in 2019, the highest suicide rates were in adults Continue Reading

Older couple facing the camera, smiling, with their heads together

Aging, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease

June 10, 2022InnovAge

There’s no doubt that getting older brings many changes, including processing information at a slower rate and ...

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Red exclamation point

Alert: Job Seeker Scams

June 27, 2022InnovAge

InnovAge is aware of SMS and email recruiting scams targeting job applicants in communities around the country.&nb...

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