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Senior Care

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Help with Managing Medications

October 10, 2022InnovAge

Better managing medications can save seniors and their families time and money and reduce the risk of drug interactions and potentially dangerous side effects.   

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Suicide Prevention in Older Adults

September 26, 2022InnovAge

Suicide can happen at any age but it's a growing concern in those over 55. Learn the risk factors and how to support older loved ones when they need it.

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Making an Impact

September 25, 2022InnovAge

Participants enrolled in InnovAge's all-inclusive care program their families share the impact PACE has had on them - and how the program has helped them live life on their terms. 

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InnovAge Events

September 21, 2022InnovAge

Come tour an InnovAge PACE or LIFE center in person at one of our local community events. Check our list of events to find one near you!

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Recreation is More Than Fun and Games in PACE

July 27, 2022InnovAge

Recreation therapy is one of the services offered through PACE. In addition to being fun, games and activities can help boost older adults' confidence, address health conditions, and minimize social isolation.

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PACE Fills Gap: Vision Coverage

May 19, 2022InnovAge

Vision problems can lead to serious injuries, debilitating conditions, and poor brain function. Dr. Steven Mack shares what seniors need to know and how PACE covers a critical need.  

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Vaccinations for Older Adults

April 20, 2022InnovAge

Older adults can be at high risk for serious complications from the flu, pneumonia, COVID-19, and other infections and illnesses. Read about the importance of immunizations, or vaccines, in reducing this risk.

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PACE Fills the Gap: Hearing and Speech

April 6, 2022InnovAge

Improvements in hearing, speaking, and eating can be life changing. An InnovAge therapist shares the care she provides through PACE and how she helps older adults maintain their independence.

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Addressing Non-Medical Impacts on Health

March 17, 2022InnovAge

InnovAge Chief Medical Officer Melissa Welch, MD, shares her personal experiences with community-oriented care, and how PACE addresses social determinants of health (SDOH) for older adults.

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A Guide for Family Caregivers

February 3, 2022InnovAge

The role of family caregiver can be challenging yet fulfilling. InnovAge's guide provides tips to help manage.

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