InnovAge's new marketing campaign features a loyal veteran, a tai chi aficionado, and an aerobics powerhouse." />
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New InnovAge Campaign Spotlights Active Seniors

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New InnovAge Campaign Spotlights Active Seniors

November 14, 2019

New Characters Tell Real Participant Stories

(Denver, Colo.) - InnovAge, the largest provider of the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) based on participants served, has expanded its awareness and marketing campaign to continue highlighting the importance of remaining true to ourselves as we age.

The three new characters in the “We Help You Be You” campaign are based on real participants in InnovAge PACE: a loyal veteran, a tai chi aficionado and his caregiver daughter, and an aerobics powerhouse. PACE is designed to help older adults age in their homes and communities as long as possible, as an alternative to nursing homes.

"Most of us want to age in place, in our own homes, and PACE allows seniors to do that," says InnovAge president and CEO Maureen Hewitt . We do not lose our passions or interests as we age, and these new ads highlight how we help seniors maintain their independence and individualism. ”

Under PACE, seniors in the program live at home and receive most of their primary care and social engagement at a nearby center in their community. Each participant receives a customized care plan developed by an interdisciplinary team. Services include primary care, dental and vision care, in-home care, specialty care coordination, transportation, and social engagement.

Family caregivers are an essential part of the PACE model, which is reflected in one of the new campaign characters. " Caregivers are overwhelmed and stressed with all of the decisions, time, and effort they put into caring for an older loved one," Hewitt explained. "PACE takes this burden off of caregivers, as we manage all healthcare needs, including coordination of appointments, medications, and more. It lets caregivers rediscover their primary role as daughter, nephew, or spouse."

Currently, nearly 15 million seniors in the US are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Of these, approximately 1.8 million seniors are potentially eligible for PACE. Combined with the thousands of seniors who could pay privately for the service, and military veterans that are eligible through their veteran's benefits, the opportunity and the needs are staggering. Currently, approximately 50,000 seniors are enrolled in 129 PACE programs in 31 states.

“A lot of healthcare providers are starting to talk about the social determinants of health - transportation, food insecurity, socialization, housing, and more. We've known for more than 40 years the impact these areas have on the health of frail seniors, and they have been core to the PACE model since it launched, ”added Hewitt.

Facts about InnovAge:

  • The majority of InnovAge PACE participants see a primary care physician monthly, and they average less than one emergency department visit per year.
  • InnovAge participants have fewer hospital readmissions rates than other Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries do.