InnovAge Peninsula

InnovAge offers all-inclusive care to seniors in Virginia. PACE centers are located in Charlottesville, Newport News, Richmond, and the Roanoke Valley.

PACE is designed to keep seniors independent and at home for as long as possible.

InnovAge PACE – Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly – provides healthcare and social services to seniors without moving them into a nursing facility. The aim of InnovAge PACE is to keep you or your loved one living at home in Virginia for as long as safely possible.

InnovAge operates four PACE centers for older adults in Virginia. These are located in:

  • Charlottesville
  • Newport News
  • Richmond
  • Roanoke Valley
Each individual enrolled in PACE works with medical experts to create a care plan that is personalized to their needs. Their care plan is reviewed and updated regularly to meet their evolving medical requirements. Senior care needs to be tailored to each older adult enrolled in PACE, which is why each individual has a completely customized experience in the program.

Each InnovAge PACE center in Virginia includes: 
  • Spaces for medical care and physical therapy
  • ​Day rooms and dining spaces for socialization 
  • Population-specific design elements, such as grab bars and secured entries and patios

Discover more about any of our four Virginia-based InnovAge PACE centers to see how we can make a difference in your life - or in the life of someone you know


InnovAge Virginia PACE - Peninsula


InnovAge’s Peninsula PACE center is located in Newport News, Virginia. Participants at the center can enjoy: 

  • Arts and crafts
  • Special guests for entertainment
  • Group outings
  • Community support groups
  • Games like interactive Wii and bingo
  • Exercise incorporated into activities at the center, with classes including Zumba and warm-up yoga
The Peninsula PACE center is one of four InnovAge PACE centers in Virginia. Other centers are located in the communities of Charlottesville, Richmond, and the Roanoke Valley.

Do I Qualify?

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