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Supporting the Front Line

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Front Line Healthcare Employees
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Supporting the Front Line

April 22, 2020
Not all of us are in the position of providing direct care. How can we support these healthcare heroes? Here are some recommendations from InnovAge’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Melissa Welch.
Stay Home. “It’s imperative that people follow guidelines to stay home. Don’t go out except for essential errands,” says Dr. Welch. Staying at home helps to slow the spread of COVID-19, which ultimately will lower the stress on the healthcare system.
Social Distance and Wear a Mask. When you do go out, practice social distancing. Keeping at least six feet between you and others helps break the virus chain. “When you do need to leave your home, please wear a mask,” Dr. Welch advises.
Wash Your Hands. “Following good handwashing protocols is one of the best things we can do to curb COVID-19,” she says.

Check-in. “Reach out to see if they need help,” says Dr. Welch. “This could be someone to talk to, or they might need help getting groceries.”  
Take Care of Yourself. Get enough sleep, stay active, and try to eat well. “Staying healthy is how we can support those in the healthcare system who are working so hard to keep people well,” explains Dr. Welch.
Say Thank You. It may not sound like much, but it makes an impact. “Tell them you appreciate what they are doing. A simple thank you note, email, or phone call can make the difference in someone’s day.”
How are you supporting the healthcare heroes in your life?