Provider Education

Provider Education

To help you better understand the InnovAge PACE program and the expectations and responsibilities of both InnovAge and our provider network, we have developed comprehensive training modules accessible through our website for both specialty care providers and community housing providers.

About the Training

The training modules are designed to provide detailed information about:

  • The InnovAge PACE program: Mission, goals, and services.
  • Participant eligibility and enrollment criteria.
  • The role of the interdisciplinary team in care planning and coordination.
  • Services provided directly by InnovAge PACE and those provided by contracted providers.
  • Expectations and responsibilities of InnovAge and our provider partners.
  • Billing and claims procedures, including submission timelines and payment processes.

How to Access the Training

Training Portal Instructions

Provider Education Portal

Benefits of the Training

By completing these training modules, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the InnovAge PACE program and how we work together to support our participants.
  • Learn about the specific roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in providing care.
  • Enhance the quality of care provided to our participants through better coordination and understanding.
  • Ensure compliance with our billing and claims procedures to facilitate timely and accurate payments.

Page Updated: 5/22/24

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