Accolades from Team InnovAge

Accolades from Team InnovAge

As a certified Great Place to Work for a third year in a row, InnovAge is still hiring, still enrolling, and still growing throughout COVID-19. Across the country, InnovAge employees (“Team InnovAge”) are passionate about providing the best possible care to the thousands of seniors we serve each day.

Here’s what current employees have to say about working at InnovAge:
"We are on the front line and they are giving us the things we need to protect our precious participants. It really is the best place to work."
"Working [here] is much more than a vocation. It truly is a higher calling and so rewarding."
"Working for InnovAge is the most fulfilled I’ve ever felt because the demographic of people I serve in my role with this company is the demographic that needs the most assistance. Love my job and the company I work for!"
"I love InnovAge! It is the best company to work for. I have never felt so appreciated at a job as I do working for InnovAge."
"I look forward to going to work every day knowing that InnovAge cares about their employees."
"As an employee working for this company in the therapy department, I can tell you it is truly amazing. This is such a good program with extensive all-inclusive healthcare offering occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, activities staff, social work, mental health services, dental, acupuncture, podiatry, hearing aids, vision services, and of course clinic staff (doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nursing assistant staff). Not to mention caring van drivers that pick up the participants to go to appointments out in the community or at the center. I cannot say enough about this place!"
Some employees can’t get enough of InnovAge and return to the company after pursuing other opportunities. Here’s why:
"For me, I have always wanted to return because of the leadership. I appreciated how we not only approached strategy, growth, and our people, but most importantly I LOVED that we moved, made wise decisions, and got things done. I attribute most of this to being a woman-led organization. We are doers: success-oriented individuals with the ability to balance large amounts and many items. My outside experience over the past four years has only solidified how rare the about traits truly are. I prioritize action, truth, and transparency and I have witnessed all three of these consistently within InnovAge. Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited to make my way back into the fold!" 
"My interest in coming back to InnovAge stems from three key areas. The family-like relationship between participants and staff, a flexible work schedule, and the competitive salary. I relate with participants like parents, so contributing to their care to maintain their independence is fulfilling for me. I missed having weekends off to attend to my spiritual needs. Lastly, the salary offered meets my financial need eliminating the need for a second job, which helps me focus on the work with InnovAge."
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InnovAge Recertified as a Great Place to Work

All of us are driven by a deeply meaningful mission and purpose: to help seniors live healthier, happier, more independent lives in their own homes and communities. Our survey results express that level of dedication and care.