Caregiver and Care Recipient Gift Giving Guide

Caregiver and Care Recipient Gift Giving Guide

Gift giving ideas for both caregivers and older adults can be challenging throughout the holidays – especially with the added layer of a pandemic. Here are a few ideas.

Caregiver Gift Ideas
Recognition and time are often most appreciated by caregivers of older adults. Caregivers spend an average of 20 hours a week caregiving on top of their everyday responsibilities.

To gift time, consider grocery delivery services or helping with meal planning. You can gift deliveries of make-at-home meals that are already prepped and only need to be heated. Or, support local businesses by offering gift cards for delivery or take-out meals.  

While most caregivers would appreciate a gift card for a massage, hair appointment, or a manicure/pedicure, those might not be the safest options during COVID-19. If they enjoy reading or audio books, a digital book reader or subscription could be well-received. For crafters, there are multiple options for online courses and classes to help them practice something that brings them joy.

Care Recipients Gift Ideas
For those receiving care, meaningful gifts depend on that person's cognitive, physical, and problem-solving abilities.

A gift that may have been appropriate a few years ago could feel embarrassing today if your loved one has experienced a decline in ability. For example, while Sudoku might have been fun for them before, it may be too difficult today.

Digital picture frames loaded with family pictures or hand-picked photo albums can be a wonderful gift for those missing family this year due to physical distancing. A cozy blanket or throw is also a good choice.

No matter the gift, what’s important is to recognize and appreciate your loved ones, especially this year. We hope you have a happy holiday season!
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