Donating Blood: How Older Adults Can Help Save Lives

Donating Blood: How Older Adults Can Help Save Lives

Blood donors are needed year-round, but January is one of the most important months to donate. Until recently, many older adults were told they were “too old” to donate blood. The truth is there’s no age limit for blood donation.
A recent report found seniors can safely donate blood. It indicates past guidance limiting older adults may now be outdated. Another takeaway is older adults are one of the most important age groups to help increase blood supplies as they’re more likely to donate blood regularly and less likely to have complications compared to many younger people. It also found they see donating blood as a badge of honor and a sign they are aging well.

Today, donations by older adults are critically important. Some organizations even call them out, saying they are their most dedicated donors and how their “regulars” continue to help their patients.
Basic Requirements for Blood Donation
  • Check with your doctor. You may need a note to show you are healthy enough to donate blood.
  • You must weigh at least 110 pounds.
  • Plan to give blood on a day when you are not sick and don’t have any symptoms.
  • When you donate blood, they will check your blood pressure and other signs to make sure you are in good health before they start.  
Help and Resources
The entire process takes about an hour. The donation itself usually takes less than 10 minutes. During a short private interview, you will be asked a few questions about health history, medications, and recent travel. Click here to find a location near you.
Even if you don’t currently qualify to donate, you can still help your community.
If you think PACE may be right for you or a loved one, take our self-assessment and have a senior care expert contact you directly to learn more.

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