Crenshaw Care Team Members

InnovAge California PACE

Integrated Long Term Care Medical Group provides California-licensed physicians and nurse practitioners to serve participants of InnovAge California PACE (ICAP). Medical professionals associated with Integrated Long Term Care Medical Group are indicated below.

Chrystal Zhang, FNP

I want to provide PACE participants with the best care. The same care I want to have when I am their age. Read More

Clinton Hart, FNP-BC

Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns and it’s not always easy. Through faith and family support, I can always find joy in what I’m doing - especially when I’m serving others. I try to approach each participant with compassion and empathy. I hope I can help them live life on their terms – aging well and enjoying a good quality of life. Read More

Dan Huigens, DDS

InnovAge PACE is very important for seniors. I enjoy providing them with complete dental care they may not have had access to in the past. Read More

Justina Obi, FNP, PhD

Every opportunity in life provides us with an opportunity to express our faith and purpose. My role at InnovAge is a way to purposefully step forward with love, kindness and respect to help seniors achieve better health. Read More

Kate Donkor, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC

I am happy to be part of PACE and the unique team approach to care. I have learned from participants to always listen first. PACE is an amazing program for the elderly. Read More

Lineth Florian, MD

I see medicine not just as a science, but as an art, a calling, and a ministry. My desire is to offer my patients personalized and comprehensive healthcare that fits their life goals and aspirations. I believe we can make that a reality with PACE. Read More

Martin Tang, DO

I believe in PACE and its multidisciplinary team approach to geriatric care that allows participants to focus on what is important in their lives.

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Matilda Mangan, NP-BC Doctor of Nursing Practice

I love the all-inclusive care provided here at PACE. I always strive to provide evidence-based care and work together with participants to overcome obstacles. Read More

Seema Siraj, MD

Good medicine is about communication.
I talk with my patients and listen to
understand their perspective. I learn a
lot from them.
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Suravi G. Thomas, MD

It’s deeply satisfying to work with PACE participants to create a unique and individualized care plan that helps them feel vital, radiant and energetic. That kind of collaboration between the care team and the participant is like a well-orchestrated symphony. Read More

Venice, Ababat, DNP

I enjoy working at InnovAge PACE because it allows me to collaborate with participants and the interdisciplinary team members. As a team, we gain different perspectives that allow us to work with participants in a holistic way. Read More


Decades of Caring for Puebloans, InnovAge’s Dr. Rona Knudsen Takes the Lead Serving Seniors in Need

After 20 years of caring for families at Pueblo Community Health Center, Dr. Rona Knudsen embraces her role as a Center Medical Director for InnovAge PACE, helping vulnerable older adults in the community.