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Praise for PACE

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Praise for PACE

September 19, 2019

InnovAge’s ability to help seniors live life on their terms through the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) couldn’t be accomplished without the committed efforts of our employees, the community, and of course, the seniors we serve. One of the most common ways people learn about PACE is through a friend or family member. Here’s what some InnovAge participants and their families are saying about PACE:
Praise from Participants

“InnovAge has been my God-send! Best doctors ever! I am healthier and feel so much better now! I love it. We are all family at InnovAge. Great place to be. I always hear other participants say they would not know what to do if it wasn't for InnovAge. I recommend them to anyone! Thank you!”
“Perfect and wonderful. They are kind, caring, passionate, and considerate. Great manners and easy to talk to.”
“Want to thank InnovAge for keeping us informed of the low census and closing days. Thank you guys at Thornton center for letting the participants and family know ahead of time about the low census and closing days, you guys always calling us to check on. Thank all of you for caring.”
“Happy folks here! Dancing during lunch to live music... Sweet staff!”
“Clean facility, very friendly and happy staff.”
“This is truly an amazing facility and resource for independent seniors to have access to fundamental medical necessities with an amazing staff of true healthcare professionals!”
“PACE is one of the best programs in the state. After being a participant for over four years, I know that they are in it for the betterment of the aged and handicapped too. The care and love that they convey is genuine and professional. Thank you to all PACE teams everywhere. You are the answer to so many needs. Bless you.”
“Love it. I’m a 100% satisfied member. The group care and concern is awesome – transportation, the medical center is great, and good delivery for people to get medicine. The center [is] grrrrreat! Not disappointed at all in this excellent program for seniors.”
Praise from Caregivers

“My elder mom and dad were InnovAge PACE participants. The services provided for participants and caregivers of elder family members are amazing. An absolute blessing.”
“InnovAge has saved my life. Just good care for my dear husband who suffers from dementia. Wonderful staff in every department.”
“The staff is friendly, the tour was detailed, the entire facility was clean, the people that go there daily really seemed to be enjoying themselves and socialization was everywhere. Had the circumstances been different for my relative, they definitely would have benefited attending PACE.”

pic of Thornton bride

A Bride’s PACE Story

A newly married InnovAge participant shares her story on what it's like to be a part of the Thornton PACE center in Colorado.

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