Tracking Quality Care

Tracking Quality Care

Tracking and reporting quality metrics is central to the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE. It helps identify trends, ensures quality of care, and improves satisfaction among participants and their family members. Key areas of focus include emergency room visits, advance directives, vaccinations, and participant satisfaction. Here are some of InnovAge’s outcomes in these areas.
Emergency Room Visits
InnovAge’s focus on managing participants’ care in a preventative and holistic way led to reductions in the need for in-hospital care. According to InnovAge estimates from 2016 to 2019, this approach resulted in:
  • 73% reduction in low- to medium-severity emergency department visits1
  • 16% reduction in hospital admissions1
  • 25% lower 30-day hospital readmission rate2  
Advance Directives
Advance directives help us to understand the individual goals, preferences, and wishes of each participant. Discussing and documenting them with the older adult and loved ones can help remove a burden from their family caregivers and ensure a participant’s end of life wishes are honored. As of June 30, 2021, 95% of InnovAge participants have an advance directive in place.
Influenza Vaccinations
Another quality measure is flu vaccinations. Providing a flu vaccination is particularly important to keep our participants safe and healthy during the flu season. More than 90% of InnovAge participants have received the flu vaccination each year since 2018.
Participant Satisfaction Surveys
Regular surveys of participants help maintain patient-centered care. As of June 30, 2020, a random sample of InnovAge participants reported 89% satisfaction with the program and their care.3
What the InnovAge approach means for participants and caregivers
Program participants, caregivers, and family members all benefit from the InnovAge approach. High quality care helps participants and gives family members and other caregivers peace of mind. As one family member in Colorado said: “I want to say thank you and your team for taking care of my mom. Any call or need never goes unanswered. InnovAge is an excellent source for elders.” Another caregiver shared, “InnovAge is a wonderful program. They do much for their clients. If not for them, my husband would be in a nursing home. We are thankful for their support and service.” And this is from a participant: “You guys are awesome and have been an integral part of my physical and psychological well-being for years. And now during the pandemic—lifesaving! Thank you!” Read more comments from our caregivers and participants here.
1 Average low- to medium-severity emergency department visits and hospital admissions relative to a comparable Medicare fee-for-service population with similar risk scores for which data is available. Based on InnovAge utilization metrics analysis, Milliman, June 2020.
2 InnovAge total readmission rate data, internal analysis, November 2020, compared to frail, dual-eligible or disabled waiver population from 2016 to 2019, Hospitalizations in the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, Journal of American Geriatrics Society 62:320–324, 2014.
3 InnovAge-conducted participant satisfaction survey of approximately 3,000 participants across 16 locations in June 2020.

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