Lakewood Care Team Members

InnovAge Colorado PACE

Roslyn Paulson

I love working with older adults. It has been my passion since beginning as a certified nursing assistant when I was 17. My personal passion about working with this population and keeping them as independent as possible is a perfect match for InnovAge. I love the services we provide our participants. Read More

Mark Learned, MD

I saw my mother care for her mother for more than 15 years after a traumatic brain injury, and I watched my father care for his mother as she declined from dementia. They were clearly labors of love – and Herculean labors in their own right. Spending my career at a place that tries to help seniors and families get the help they need is a tremendous honor.  Read More

Amy Cohen, NP

Personalized healthcare and positive social interaction are vital to maintaining strong individuals and a strong community. PACE makes this possible for seniors. Read More

Angela Petkoff, AGNP

My goal is to help participants enjoy the best quality of life. I believe listening and collaboration are essential to meet the healthcare goals of each individual. Read More

Gabriel Silversmith, MD

PACE is a wonderful model that allows me to do what I love – care for older adults with complex needs by working as part of a tight-knit team of skilled professionals. Read More

Patricia Hughes, DNP, RN, CCRN

One must listen to heal. Read More

Joseph Johnson, MD

Great primary care is about creating a partnership between a patient and their care team. InnovAge puts the patient’s goals and individualism first. Read More

Cecil J. Bottenbley, DMD

I enjoy talking with my patients and finding out about their lives and what they did for a living. They tell me some very interesting things! Read More

Raquia Denson, DDS

Life is filled with challenges and triumphs. Our perspective makes the difference; I choose joy. I hope to impact others with that joy by serving those who are in the most need. Read More

Loan Pham, MD

I take pleasure in working at PACE and establishing long-term relationships with participants. I have the satisfaction of seeing their appreciation for life, learning from their wisdom and listening to the best stories of days gone by. Read More

Traci Kimball, MD

I believe in creating a partnership with my participants. Read More


Decades of Caring for Puebloans, InnovAge’s Dr. Rona Knudsen Takes the Lead Serving Seniors in Need

After 20 years of caring for families at Pueblo Community Health Center, Dr. Rona Knudsen embraces her role as InnovAge PACE&rsquo;s Center Medical Director, helping vulnerable older adults in the community.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;