North Care Team Members

InnovAge Colorado PACE

Linda Whyte

Famed radio host Bernard Meltzer once said, “There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.”  This is my life’s mission and purpose. The InnovAge PACE model is that “lifting” that we give to so many participants.  It is a blessing and an honor to serve such a deserving population.   Read More

Nate Lamkin

InnovAge provides precisely the array of services and support that seniors need to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Speaking as both a social worker and a healthcare executive who has worked with seniors since 2000, I am proud to be part of an organization that responds so creatively and robustly to this great and growing need in the communities we serve. Read More

Melissa Rathmell, MD

I love spending time really getting to know my patients – who they are and where they came from, their interests, hopes, and dreams. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want to hear all of it!  Read More

Gabriel Silversmith, MD

PACE is a wonderful model that allows us to do what we love – care for older adults with complex needs.  Read More

Mark Learned, MD

I saw my mother care for her mother for more than 15 years after a traumatic brain injury, and I watched my father care for his mother as she declined from dementia. They were clearly labors of love – and Herculean labors in their own right. Spending my career at a place that tries to help seniors and families get the help they need is a tremendous honor.  Read More

Rebecca Kasperbauer, PA-C

I have always been passionate about taking care of the “whole” patient which is what attracted me to InnovAge and its IDT (Interdisciplinary Team) and PACE model. Read More

Joan Feldman, NP-C

My life’s work is to ease suffering in any form. Being a nurse practitioner helps me do that in a significant way. I enjoy working with older adults. Read More

Rebecca "Becca" Ronald, MSN FNP-C

I really enjoy working at InnovAge PACE because of the interdisciplinary team approach. As a team, we can see our members as a whole person, work together to provide the best possible care, and meet their needs where they are now. Read More

Spencer Owades, DMD

I really love being a part of InnovAge. It gives me the opportunity to help people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford quality dental care. Read More


InnovAge Recertified as a Great Place to Work

All of us are driven by a deeply meaningful mission and purpose: to help seniors live healthier, happier, more independent lives in their own homes and communities. Our survey results express that level of dedication and care.