Thornton Care Team Members

InnovAge Colorado PACE

Linda Whyte

Famed radio host Bernard Meltzer once said, “There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.”  This is my life’s mission and purpose. The InnovAge PACE model is that “lifting” that we give to so many participants.  It is a blessing and an honor to serve such a deserving population.   Read More

Louis Capponi, MD

Practicing medicine at InnovAge brings together my passion for team-based primary care, significant experience working with at-risk populations, and a firm belief that considering value is essential for healthcare delivery.   Read More

Gabriel Silversmith, MD

PACE is a wonderful model that allows us to do what we love – care for older adults with complex needs.  Read More

Mark Learned, MD

I saw my mother care for her mother for more than 15 years after a traumatic brain injury, and I watched my father care for his mother as she declined from dementia. They were clearly labors of love – and Herculean labors in their own right. Spending my career at a place that tries to help seniors and families get the help they need is a tremendous honor.  Read More

Zachary Engelbert, DO

I am passionate about using my experience to provide compassionate quality healthcare for my patients and the community, to help create happier, healthier people, and a better environment. Read More

Amanda Stephens, MD

I am passionate about careful listening to get to know my participants on a deeper level.  By doing this, I can become part of a professional, interdisciplinary team that is able to tailor care to each participant’s individual goals. Read More

Charlene Trouillot, ANP

My goal is to help older adults live their best lives. I enjoy being part of entire healthcare team dedicated to this same purpose for our participants. Read More

Balwinder Shukla, MSN, FNP-C

As a nurse practitioner in the PACE program, I can provide my participants comprehensive care with integrity, humility, honesty, and compassion, which I expect my family and loved ones to get from their healthcare providers. Read More

Jennifer Firebaugh, NP

Having an older parent myself, I have a passion for caring for our PACE population. The interdisciplinary approach to care creates an exceptional advantage for our participants. Read More

Jaime MacElroy, NP

Partnering with PACE participants, families, and care teams to ensure the best care possible is my goal as a provider. Read More

Kathleen Rye, NP

I love listening to good personal stories. I love being helpful and holding hands. I feel that by working at InnovAge I am doing some of my life's best work. Read More

Shawn Kimball, DDS

InnovAge has helped me fulfill my vision of why I got into dentistry. It has long been my belief that my profession belongs to part of a larger whole and working in such a collaborative environment has allowed me to advocate for oral and dental health, as part of systemic health, and expand my own understanding of how dentistry, is but, one piece in a large and complex health puzzle. To provide care for the purpose of helping seniors maintain independence, health, and personal dignity, keeps me happily coming back every day. Read More

Cecil J. Bottenbley, DMD

I enjoy talking with my patients and finding out about their lives and what they did for a living. They tell me some very interesting things! Read More


InnovAge Recertified as a Great Place to Work

All of us are driven by a deeply meaningful mission and purpose: to help seniors live healthier, happier, more independent lives in their own homes and communities. Our survey results express that level of dedication and care.