Pueblo Care Team Members

InnovAge Colorado PACE

Kelly Holland

There is nothing more important than ensuring our seniors are safe and cared for, specifically for those who no longer have a voice. PACE is such an incredible program, ensuring that healthcare and wellness is achievable for all seniors. Read More

Rona Knudsen, MD

I value listening to and getting to know older adults and partnering with them so they can live life to the fullest. I love working collaboratively with other medical specialists and the entire InnovAge team to focus on what is truly best for the patient. Read More

Gabriel Silversmith, MD

PACE is a wonderful model that allows us to do what we love – care for older adults with complex needs.  Read More

Mark Learned, MD

I saw my mother care for her mother for more than 15 years after a traumatic brain injury, and I watched my father care for his mother as she declined from dementia. They were clearly labors of love – and Herculean labors in their own right. Spending my career at a place that tries to help seniors and families get the help they need is a tremendous honor.  Read More

Melynda Kempf, RN

I believe there is nothing more important than quality health care, and I love how the PACE model has an interdisciplinary team approach to provide all-inclusive wrap around care for our loved ones. Read More

Carron Kras, MSN, FNP, BC-C

We often see disparities in healthcare, especially with seniors. I love being able to focus on providing competent, holistic care within my community and give our seniors and their families what they need and deserve to live happier, healthier lives. Read More

Benjamin Morris, FNP/AGACNP-BC

I am proud to be part of a team that is working toward improving participants lives. Read More

Shayln Philip, DMD

Caregiving is a constant learning experience and will never be one-size-fits-all. I hope to be able to help the participants who come, in a way that’s best for them.  Read More


InnovAge Recertified as a Great Place to Work

All of us are driven by a deeply meaningful mission and purpose: to help seniors live healthier, happier, more independent lives in their own homes and communities. Our survey results express that level of dedication and care.