PACE Care Team

InnovAge California PACE - Inland Empire

Suravi G. Thomas, MD

Primary Care Physician
Headshot Of InnovAge California PACE - Inland Empire Primary Care Physician Suravi G. Thomas, MD

It’s deeply satisfying to work with PACE participants to create a unique and individualized care plan that helps them feel vital, radiant and energetic. That kind of collaboration between the care team and the participant is like a well-orchestrated symphony.

Dr. Thomas earned her Doctor of Medicine and Masters in Public Health at St. George’s University School of Medicine in the West Indies. She also earned a Bachelor of Science, Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Bachelor of Arts, English Literature at the University of Illinois in Urban-Champaign. Dr. Thomas completed a residency in internal medicine at the University of California, Riverside. She is board certified in internal medicine.

With a focus on prevention of chronic conditions associated with lifestyle issues, Dr. Thomas has a passion for helping participants find holistic and comprehensive solutions to maintain their health.

In her spare time, Dr. Thomas enjoys exploring the beauty of California with her husky. She likes to cook and eat delicious food, soak up the sun while sipping coffee and painting with watercolors. She speaks Hindi, Bengali, Spanish and French.